Animal Ambassadors

  Only if we understand can we care
Only if we care will we help
Only if we help shall all be saved

-Dr. Jane Goodall



Click on the photo for a closeup.

Maxwell “Max”
Canada Lynx

Canada or Canadian Lynx are a threatened species in the lower 48 states. Max was zoo born and recently acquired to be an animal ambassador. They are remarkable creatures able to run across the snow after their favorite prey, the Snowshoe Hare.

Learn about some other interesting traits.

Please note: Max arrives onsite in a locked viewing kennel. During presentation, I will open the door & attach his lead. If he feels comfortable with his surroundings, he may come out. He has been in the public since eight weeks old but is shy by nature. At times, he has come out and stretched and laid down. Other times he has been spooked by loud children or sudden movement and preferred to lay inside his kennel watching the crowd. Sometimes for photos, I will keep his door open and shots can be taken without the bars showing. I never force him to come out, as it will certainly lead to one of us getting injured. Additionally, New York state law prohibits public contact which is why I present a pelt for touching. In time, I hope Max will become accustomed to the noises and wear it like an old hat.

Yellow-naped Amazon Parrot

I acquired Barnyard on May 12, 2011. He’s a 25-30 year old talking parrot whose name I’m not fond of, so I call him Burt. And he calls himself Burt, too! He’s a talker when there’s plenty of people to give him the necessary incentive. Isn’t that just like animals…will only do what they want when they want and only if there’s something in it for them?

He even does the chicken dance! Learn about parrots of the Amazon.

They are truly amazing creatures.

Update: As of November 29, 2013…. Burt is a girl! She has laid eggs to let it be known that her name should be changed. However, we know her as Burt and it’s been difficult to call her Burta or Burtha. Besides, she still calls herself Barnyard or Burt!

Willy & Willow
European Polecat

Willy’s coloring is called a Silver Panda but he has lost his silver pattern before he was 1 year old and is completely white now. Willow is a Cinnamon Mitt meaning cinnamon in coloring with white mittens.  

Find out why the ferret needs supervised playtime and why farmers in Europe love them. When were ferrets domesticated?

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

Her formal pedigree name is Kelly Kritters Poppy, but we use Poppy for short. She was just born Feb. 2014. Although Poppy is a domestic animal instead of an exotic, it makes her no less cute and interesting. Find out how big she will get and more!

Chewy Coco
South American Chinchilla

Coco’s coloring is a silky black with an undercoat of grey. Find out why they are popular in the fur trade. Touch her very soft and thick fur. Hear her bark. Did you know their teeth never stop growing? I nicknamed her “chewy” because she is destructive with her constant chewing all night long! 

 African Pygmy Hedgehog

Velvet is a unique white pinto coloring and was recently born 3/1/2016. How many spiny hairs (quills) does an adult hedgehog have? Are the hairs hollow like porcupines? Watch & listen to the hissing, popping and rolling into a defensive spiny ball, if possible as she is very friendly. Do you dare to touch?

Ringed Turtle Dove

Igor was hatched Nov. ’09 and has a crossed & bent beak. Through rehabilitation, I’ve managed to align it so he can eat. I donated his parents and grandparents to York’s Wild Kingdom in Maine. Find out why this dove is missing the ring around his neck & other avian facts.


baby bear is usually available for lectures April – May. If you are interested in a baby bear lecture, contact me and I will notify you when &/or if I get one. Please note that state laws prohibit public contact with the bear but you can see and learn up close. Plus touch a bear rug that was donated to me by some wonderful friends!
Other exotic animals may become available.
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