Merry Christmas 2016

Each year I try to get a photo of Max & I. Last year, my mother took the photo but she’s not feeling all that well and therefore I had to rely on the self-timer. It was challenging to set the timer (10 secs), scoop up a 40 pound cat and both of us smiling when the camera snapped. We did our best and here they are.

Max got a leather bunny for Christmas that I found at a hardware store. It’s for dogs and not filled with anything but Max fell in love with the smell. He loves to rub his face on my boots or leather gloves and I thought this would be perfect along with durable. I was right.

We also took a walk using an old harness of his. He has escaped from this harness before which is why I purchased a specially made one but it chokes him when he pulls on the lead. I’m not a fan of it and thought we’d try the old one but I included a collar just in case but the two leashes made it confusing for both of us since they weren’t the same length. Anyways, it didn’t matter and Max got to dig in the snow. Something he loves to do. I have posted a video on our YouTube channel. It’s 8 minutes long and I apologize for that but I cut out as much as possible without losing sight of him.


I’m a Big Baby

Max’s video “I’m a Big Baby” published in January of this year is going viral. It blows me away because it’s just Max purring! He has a couple recent videos that are getting popular also. Check out our YouTube channel “Wildlife Bernie.”

Max Oct. 16

Just a day of cleaning and being with my boy Max.

Max Gets New Shelving

After reviewing the shelving in Max’s enclosure, I knew that it was time for replacements. I thought rough-sawn wood to give him grip when it got wet. It was too rough and after painting & installing, I had to sand it down just a bit to his liking. Some of the wood that I had initially used was eight years old and had held very well over the years, but it was time to upgrade. I do have some rust issues because of him urinating out the cage thus rusting the wire and that’s next to be fixed. Here are some before and after photos.

Max enjoys a special meal

While we were presenting a program in Stony Creek, Max was given a donation to be put towards some special food he loves. Well, he now has four Cornish Hens thanks to Doreen Ryan of Stony Creek, NY. Of course I will span them out over the next six months. Max received his first hen on February 17. I needed to cut the hen according to his specifications with the wings and legs being removed and then the body split between breast and back. Before I could put his dish in his cage, he grabbed the back and began crunching down on it. Mind you, I could not get close to him until he finished. I sat and filmed him eating his tender morsel. Once he finished I was able to get past him to secure the dish on his shelf.

You can view our video at this link: 

And here’s a photo of him looking over his wonderful special meal.


New Year 2016

Max & I

Max Grass Scootin’

Today, I was inside Max’s cage cleaning and mom went by on the lawn tractor around his enclosure. The cut grass kicked inside and Max went nuts. A good kind of nuts. He smelled the grass cuttings and went wild rubbing his face and then scootin around rubbing his body into the grass. I got a few photos. And you can visit our YouTube Channel “WildlifeBernie” to see the video!

Twitch on the Run

Just a short video of Twitch


A Name is Born

What’s in a name? Naming an animal is sometimes easy and sometimes not. We had a difficult time naming my new hedgehog. We took all the suggestions by you and picked our favorites. Then threw them in a jar & picked one out. The winner was Quillie Nelson Hedgehog UNTIL I was sitting at the table with the little guy and he was eating out of my hand but the least bit of movement sent him into all quills. He twitched this way and then that way and it occurred to me that his name should be Twitch. And so a name was born. Meet Twitch Hedgehog.

Twitch Hedgehog

Twitch Hedgehog